Heart of Man

I see the confusion,
By the look in your eyes.
You don’t understand;
It should come as no surprise.
‘Cause I’ve seen that look,
A thousand times before.
Is the man here beside you,
Something less or something more?

You always tried to place me,
On a shelf in your mind.
You can’t quantify me,
With an ever constant line.
And I never fit,
Any place in your heart.
I should have known sooner,
It was the end from the start.

I close my eyes,
‘Cause I can’t stand the dark,
And I can’t seem to quiet,
This thundering heart.
I try to listen,
But I can hardly hear,
The song deep inside me,
I once heard so clear.

I see the confusion,
As I look in your eyes.
I don’t know the answer.
I won’t spin you lies.
I can’t make you listen…
You don’t understand.
The song of the stars,
In the heart of a man.


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