Out of Time

I came to the canyon
With nothing but the clothes on my back
And the shoes on my feet,
Searching, like so many others,
For something I’d forgotten.

I hiked up the wash,
Among rocks the deep red of sunset,
Against an azure sky.
Beneath bright sun and wispy clouds,
A dry, cool breeze lead me,
On the journey from where I was,
To where I would be.

I didn’t know what was past the fallen branch,
Beyond the next twisted bush,
Or around the next broken stone, still I climbed on.
Through the heat and the thirst,
And the ache in my legs,
There was always that cool breeze
Leading me onward.

I passed a place where  water pooled,
But I didn’t drink it,
It was brown and still,
Trapped in stone,
I moved onward.

I reached a place where the trail ended,
And found a ledge high on the canyon wall,
Where the shoes of another who had stood there,
Lay overlooking the desert below.

I sat on that ledge and looked out
Across the desert, to the city I’d left.
All the hopes and dreams lust can imagine,
In it’s shining towers, in it’s bustling streets…
It all seemed so empty, like the pool.

As I sat there, out of time, I remembered
That even as I rested, I moved.
On this planet, around this star,
Through this galaxy, across this great universe…
We’re never in the same place we began.

As I looked out on that city,
A light hail began to fall.
It fell because we had come to the place of it’s falling,
And it stopped when we reached the place of it’s end.
I looked beside me, wishing for the one I would have
Shared my place with, but I was alone,
Her place was somewhere else.

We all live our lives out of time,
Yet most of us can’t see it that way.
Time is our greatest illusion, it blinds us.
There is no time, there are only places,
We’re always moving through them,
Never in the same place twice.

As I climbed down,
I wished our journeys could have
Brought us together, in that place.
For all the places we’ve been,
All the times we’ve imagined,
Where we’re going has always been
…Out of Time.


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