Dead Again

I sit and watch the cars roll by,
The days press on, I wonder why
The beginning always feels like the end…
I’m dead again.

I touch your face, look in your eyes,
I know deep down your spirit cries,
But it’s not for me, I see…
I’m dead again.

All the life you filled me with,
All the love you couldn’t give,
I’m sitting alone by the phone…
I’m dead again.

Dead again, I don’t know why
I feel the light fade from my eyes,
‘Cause you never seem to see;
You mean the world to me.

Dead again, But feeling fine!
I’m getting better all the time,
I lie to myself, in my head,
As I face my cold, empty bed.

Dead again, Yet so alive,
No more fears and no more pride,
Love; it just leads us astray,
Should I feel better this way?

Without the dreams I held onto,
A picture starring me and you,
The credits roll, I know it’s the end…
I’m dead again.

Driving home I ask the night,
Why am I never worth the fight?
When I’d stay true ’til the end…
I’m dead again.

One breath of love is all I need,
To lift me up, make me believe,
That it doesn’t end this way…
And you’ll never hear me say…

I’m dead again.


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