Everyone is empty,
In everything we say,
Everyone’s so jaded,
Each in our own way.

Everyone is broken,
I see it in our eyes,
We cannot squeeze the truth,
From our bitter tasting lies.

Everyone is searching,
Across the burning skies,
For a shiny fallen angel,
To make ourselves alright.

Everyone of us are hollow,
Shadows in the night,
We’re only pale reflections,
Of what we know is right.

Everyone is straining,
But cannot hear their voice,
When everyone is screaming,
We’re lost within the noise.

Everyone’s still wishing,
For one such perfect thing,
We cast away what’s real,
For our ever fading dreams.

Everyone is blind,
To something in our souls,
We’re crying for redemption,
But filling empty holes.

In everyone’s last breath,
What we never faced or said,
Everyone is empty…
In the end.


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