Happy Ever After…

Just one happy ending,
Is all I’d like to write,
One happy ever after,
To set it all so right.
So many new beginnings,
In the story of my life,
I need a happy ever after,
So it wasn’t all a lie.

Just one happy ending,
Wouldn’t think it’d be so hard,
I’m not asking for a miracle,
Or wishing on a star.
When even every dog will have,
His day in the end,
One happy ever after,
Is it too much for a man?

Just one happy ending,
From the wreckage of my past,
To rise above the ashes,
In strength our love is cast.
To live life for each other,
With every passing day,
In our happy ever after,
The two of us could stay.

Just one happy ending,
I poured my heart into,
I tried to make it real,
And as wonderful as you.
Guess I never found the right words,
Or you never heard me say,
You’re my happy ever after,
Always just a page away.


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