The light at the end of the tunnel,
Can be the scariest thing in the world,
It exists in a place outside ourselves,
You have to go out into it.

There is a strange comfort in darkness,
A familiarity in loneliness and pain,
A tranquility in it’s frozen depths,
Away from those that would teach us to shine.

How many times have we hid in these empty halls?
Knowing every inch as only their architect could,
A heart of stone is no heart at all,
Not once does it beat… it fails us completely.

So we die, holding on to this useless weight,
Or maybe we just fade back into the abyss,
Never really having lived at all.
Either way, it’s a reality we’ve come to expect.

But it isn’t one we have to accept.
The light outside IS out of reach,
Which is why we have to move,
Leave our dark places, face our fears.

We can never be rid of our shadows,
But we can choose in which direction to face the day,
Alone in our anger and frustration,
Or outside ourselves, with each other.

I tried to show you,
You don’t need to be afraid,
But you never really believed me.
You kept trying to make that stone heart beat.

It can only break, and crumble to dust,
And as much as I’d sometimes like to,
I can’t return to the darkness,
After standing in the light, with you.


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