I see your smile…
In that photograph,
You seem so happy,
I just want to laugh.

You’re a child in ways…
Still, you touched my life,
And made me whole.

But I know that I’m…
Not the lucky one,
Who’s love lives deep,
Down in your soul.

No one ever said…
This would be easy,
But I never thought it’d be
So goddamn hard.

You fly high above…
This world of stone,
Unfettered from the cracks
In our broken road.

You shine brighter than…
Any star I’ve seen,
Unfettered from a mind
Filled with fading dreams.

And I’ll never see…
You looking back,
Unfettered from the memories
That go rushing past.

Yes, I see your smile…
I know you’ll carry on,
Unfettered from this heart
That held you down.


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