The Price

My eyes are ever tired,
But they never turn away,
I stand here for my country,
And a family far away.

My face is rough and lined,
A map of freedom’s price,
The blood and sweat I spill,
To give you a better life.

My back shouts it’s complaints,
The watch is ever long,
But deeper yet within me,
Is the will to stand it strong.

Beneath the salt and leather,
Lies a heart as hard as stone,
Among three hundred others,
We face the world alone.

Under the blazing sun,
I sometimes feel so cold,
In twenty-four short years,
When did I find time to grow old?

The hours grinding forward,
As if with a snail they race,
The voice of home is whispering,
And I can almost see her face.

The nights turn into days,
The days just fade to grey,
The world spins ever onward,
And hears not what I say.

When every other step,
Leads me back to where I stand,
And nothing I devise,
Will ever change the master-plan.

No, this life isn’t easy,
All the right things never are,
But it’s not lost in vain,
This lonely beating of my heart.

For ever day of sacrifice,
This much I have learned,
Is another debt repaid;
One more freedom earned.


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