Zombie Christmas

An old man seeing angels,
Outside his prison cell,
I told him ‘Keep your options open,
‘Cause this time of year is Hell.’

He said ‘Gabriel is with us,
The Archangel spoke to me.’
I told him ‘If he’s come to save you,
Put a kind word in for me.’

It’s another Zombie Christmas,
Under white florescent lights,
Another Zombie Christmas,
Madmen howling at the night.

It seems my Christmas spirit’s all but gone,
Comin’ back, to this empty home,
Got the lights, the wreath, the cross, the tree,
But they don’t ever speak to me.

I guess this year my Christmas Star burnt out,
Nothing there to guide me through the dark,
But if you see her shining, on this ‘planitentiary’,
Put a kind word in for me.

It’s another Zombie Christmas,
With black and grey highlights,
Just another Zombie Christmas,
Under dimmed fluorescent lights.

See all the people pressed into the flow,
Where they’re going they don’t seem to know,
Stumblin’ up and down the town,
Blind to the chains that weigh them down.

It seems like all we’ve done, has come around,
We find ourselves crawling on the ground,
But If you happen to see Jesus, somewhere on his beat,
Put a kind word in for me.

It’s just another Zombie Christmas,
The best you’ll ever see,
Another Zombie Christmas,
That didn’t have to be.

And if you find salvation,
In an Angel on a tree…
If you would…
Put a kind word in for me.


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