Valentine’s Day

Tears of joy,
A heart of pain,
Through a dirty window,
Empty rain.

A world of peace?
No, life is war.
We fight what is,
And what’s no more.

Bright angels fall,
From a cloudy sky,
They see their shadows,
And forget their light.

On all their faces,
Fear and lust,
The truths they hide,
The lies they trust.

Eyes of beauty,
A smile of grace,
All mean nothing,
On a plastic face.

Stone cold heart,
What do you see?
The things you want,
But cannot be.

The days you waste,
Failing to see,
The lives you shatter,

Love enslaved,
Can never grow,
In the hand of fire,
It melts like snow.

What is love?
A shard of pain?
What we lack,
And can’t attain?

An icy glare,
Like frozen steel?
A wound so deep,
It never heals?

A touch, a kiss,
A walk in the rain?
Or this strange emptiness,
That echoes her name?

So, what is love?
I really don’t care.
As I reach out to hold her,
And she isn’t there.


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