Five AM

[A little song Jason Hastain and I wrote quite some time ago…]

It’s Five AM
I feel you touch my shoulder,
Do you pull me close,
Or does my heart grow colder?

Remember when
You’d wake me with your kisses,
Now all we’re left with
Are memories and wishes.

I’m laying, here in the dark,
Askin’ myself how we’re falling apart,
I feel you breathing, so close to me,
I feel like I’m drowning, alone at sea.

Time after time, it’s all the same,
”I love you,” always seems to contain,
The feeling of, a pre-programmed code,
Automation is the end of the road.

Your shadow, is all I can see,
I know you’re turning, turn away from me,
I feel the wreckage, inside my chest,
A total breakdown of our happiness.

So here we lie, here in the dark,
Beside each other, a million miles apart,
Can’t comprehend, how this could be,
I let you slip, so far from me.

It’s Five AM,
I feel you touch my shoulder.


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