Your Love Song

What I remember most
Of all the things you’d say,
Was how you would always
End this way,
“Did you find to time,
To write my song today?”

But you always seemed, to resist,
My heart, my soul, my deepest kiss,
You never looked me in the eye,
As I stood strong, by your side.
And though I gave you my all,
It was never was quite enough.

So this is the love song,
I always said I’d write for you.
Though it took some time,
To work out the lines,
It’s my pleasure…
To sing it for you.

You’ve made me so happy,
I’ve never been this sure.
All my clouds went away,
Like a bright, sunny day,
When you walked out on your own.
I once believed I’d never survive,
Instead I’m feeling truly alive.

I’ve never loved you more,
Than the day you slammed that door.
As you were walking away,
I could finally say ‘I love you…’
Don’t take this the wrong way,
I really mean ‘I love you…’

I love you far away.


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