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What would you say,
Would you just turn away,
If we met on the street,
Would you walk up to me,
Or pretend not to see,
Would you give me a nod,
Or a smile?
Would we talk of old times,
Over tea… perhaps wine?
It’s been a few years,
After all.
When everything changes,
Except who we were,
Can you let the past,
Fade away?
When memories may seem,
All but a dream,
Can you still hear my voice,
In your head?
Or am I just a face,
Someone you can’t quite place,
In a background of noise,
And haze?
Would you shout my name,
If we met on the street,
Or would we be strangers,



I’ve got “No Commercial Value,”
At least that’s what they say,
As piece by bloody piece,
My life is torn away.

I tried to sell my soul,
But the Good Lord wasn’t buying,
The Devil said he’d call me back,
I think they both were lying.

I tried to sell my heart
To a woman, but she knew
It wasn’t filled with riches,
So what’s a man to do?

I tried to sell my life,
It’s the only one I knew,
But heartache doesn’t sell as well,
As scandal, death and feuds.

I guess there’s no escaping,
Who we are and what we’re worth,
I’ve got “No Commercial Value,”
That’s the honest truth.

The Price

My eyes are ever tired,
But they never turn away,
I stand here for my country,
And a family far away.

My face is rough and lined,
A map of freedom’s price,
The blood and sweat I spill,
To give you a better life.

My back shouts it’s complaints,
The watch is ever long,
But deeper yet within me,
Is the will to stand it strong.

Beneath the salt and leather,
Lies a heart as hard as stone,
Among three hundred others,
We face the world alone.

Under the blazing sun,
I sometimes feel so cold,
In twenty-four short years,
When did I find time to grow old?

The hours grinding forward,
As if with a snail they race,
The voice of home is whispering,
And I can almost see her face.

The nights turn into days,
The days just fade to grey,
The world spins ever onward,
And hears not what I say.

When every other step,
Leads me back to where I stand,
And nothing I devise,
Will ever change the master-plan.

No, this life isn’t easy,
All the right things never are,
But it’s not lost in vain,
This lonely beating of my heart.

For ever day of sacrifice,
This much I have learned,
Is another debt repaid;
One more freedom earned.

3rd Thoughts

I wake up every morning,
While the sun’s asleep in bed,
I think it’s too damn early,
That’s the 3rd thought in my head.

1st I think of kissing you,
The 2nd brings me down,
I think it’s too damn early,
Without your smile around.

I spend all my days sailing,
On a ship upon the seas,
The days take near forever,
Is the 3rd thing thought by me.

1st I think I hear your voice,
The 2nd slaps me true,
Now, the sea is not the only thing,
Feelin’ mighty blue.

At night I stare up at the stars,
From here they seem so clear,
Maybe one day I’ll touch them,
That’s the 3rd thought that I hear.

1st I think I’ll walk with you,
My love, beneath those stars,
There’s no room for 2nd thoughts,
As I hold you in my arms.

And dawn will come too early,
As the days go on and on,
But my ship is pointed north…
My love, I’m coming home.


Sitting alone on the fantail,
The sun has just dipped below the horizon,
And the stars begin their long journey,
Across the silvery sky.
The ocean is calm as a sleeping babe,
Stretched out on a ribbon of deep blue silk,
And the only sound is the steel,
Gliding slowly through his watery slumber.
One tiny isle of man,
On a night of sea and stars,
My spirit reaches up through the salty air,
And I’m everywhere at once!
Trillions of stars I feel humming,
Their song with no words and no melody,
And as the stars melt into the sea,
Everything exists at once.
There is no time,
No reflection.
Just tranquility,